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Villas for Rent in Tay Ho District

Thảo luận trong 'Rao vặt máy giặt' bắt đầu bởi th0036, 25/12/17.

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    Tay Ho District (West Lake Hanoi) is located in the Northwest of Hanoi: South adjacent to Ba Dinh District; Northeast and Southeast adjacent to Red river; West adjacent to District of Tu Liem and Cau Giay. District covers an area of 24 km2 and includes 8 wards: Buoi, Yen Phu, Thuy Khue, Tu Lien, Quang An, Nhat Tan, Xuan La, Phu Thuong. Tay Ho district has topography relatively flat, centralized place of many luxury villas, large area, many green trees and airy atmosphere throughout the year. Villas in Tay Ho district, there are projects of high class villas rentals as: Villas facing to West Lake, West Lake Villa, Villas Ciputra Hanoi - apartment for rent
    Villas in Tay Ho District is one of the area has great location and the most valuable in Hanoi capital. Tay Ho District with the advantages of owning natural beauty of West Lake associated with the development history of ancient Thang Long capital, and is where the cruise, resort of many dynasties Thang Long. West Lake has always been considered a place prosperity most of the country, therefore the living space around Westlake has been selected by many rich Vietnamese people and Expats.
    West Lake villas outside historical value feng shui unique values of the country also bring cultural and spiritual values of the ancient Hanoi associated with traditional villages from historical as Nghi Tam village and Quang Ba…etc.
    Tay Ho today beside living space around Westlake tradition has developed the modern urban area with all amenities, schools ... etc. Nam Thang Long urban area associated with villas in Ciputra, West Lake urban space associated with modern villas.
    Tay Ho villas with all the advantages of location, space, infrastructure and utilities, truly a superlative worth living space in Hanoi. This living space also carries cultural values, history which rarely lands of the capital, inherited full converging both traditional and modern values.
    With an understanding of the culture of ancient Trang An - Hanoi, especially the living space of villas in Tay Ho District, we will bring you the most profound advice about the villas for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi.
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